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Tophotels brings together people who love to travel and representatives of the tourism industry, with the aim of sharing their travel experiences and helping each other in choosing worthy hotels for vacation.

Each active TopHotels participant has a personal profile and personal account to manage their own content, communicate with other travelers, travel agents and hotel representatives.

More than two million active participants are registered on the project.

Having a personal TopHotels account allows you to not only share your opinion about the hotels you've visited and publish your own traveling history, but to also gain access to a variety of useful functions.

Some account sections, such as "My profile" and "My interests", can be used for accessing a wide variety of functions, contacting the hotel representatives or even messaging fellow website users. This can be extremely helpful on multiple occassions - for example, it allows you to request compliments upon arrival directly from the hotel representatives!

More participation leads to more possibilities!

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Read more about the project’s function in the About Us section.

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Every time you share detailed reviews about hotels and photographs taken during your hotel stays, you increase your TopHotels User Rating. The system is simple and completely transparent - you can find out more about it in your personal account.

Having a status and maintaining a high rating allows you to not only make your reviews more trustworthy, but also to make the hoteliers more attentive to your requests and preferences.

Choosing a good hotel guarantees a memorable vacation.
Analyzing reviews left by fellow tourists will help you make the right choice.

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