Every existing business owner is interested in increasing their profits and attracting more clients - therefore, promotion is an extremely important part of developing a business. Many business owners try to promote their product on their own, using their website, online and offline advertisement and other similar strategies. However, using large platforms where target audience gathers to search for information can be an extremely underrated and effective measure. When it comes to tourism and hospitality, TopHotels is one of the most well-known platforms in Russia and CIS.

TopHotels is the largest online hotel information catalogue in Russian language that has been helping travelers choose their next destination for 20 years. This website provides the largest hotel information database and a platform for reviews and discussions used by thousands of Russian-speaking travelers every day.

And it's more than that. For hoteliers, it can be an effective tool for promoting their product and attracting new clients

Registering your hotel on a popular hotel information website is a great investment in brand image and recognition, as well as a helpful tool in pushing sales. Hotel placement on TopHotels is free. In addition to that, we provide a wide variety of premium options and paid promotional activities.
  • 60 000 000 Tourists and agents search for information about hotels every day
  • 2 000 000 travelers use TopHotels for submitting reviews & questions about hotels
  • 316 000 hotels attract new guests through their TopHotels pages

TopHotels placement offers a wide range of possibilities, that include but are not limited to:


  • Target audience Every day more than 60 millions active users browse Tophotels. Among them, there are both tourists who are planning their vacation, and agents who are searching for a good option to offer to their clients. It's beneficial for you to communicate with both of these categories - which is exactly what you can do through TopHotels.
  • Hotel profile as an addition or replacement of official website TopHotels can be extremely helpful in case your hotel doesn't have an official website yet. As you register your hotel on the portal, you get complete access to the page where you can add all of the important information about your hotel; you can add textual information, photos and videos. Even if your hotel does have a website, reaching the target audience can be difficult and expensive, while a special project allows you to reach your potential clients and communicate with them directly, allowing them to find your hotel among a wide variety of options. Having both an official website and a TopHotels account allow you to maximize the outreach and reach the widest circle of potential guests and partners.
  • Direct contacts TopHotels is the only project of its kind that allows sharing direct contacts of the hotel - which is another reason why it attracts a lot of users. You can share the hotel's address, direct E-mail. phone number and social media pages, allowing them to communicate with you directly. This can be extremely helpful to both the tourists and the hoteliers.


  • Presenting the hotel in a good light and communicating with potential guests The core element of TopHotels is a review platform that provides inbiased hotel reviews to help tourists choose the right hotel and assist hoteliers in presenting their hotel correctly. Each hotel has a rating that is formed based on the reviews, allowing the guests to form an opinion about it. Higher rating attracts more interested users. and therefore, more potential guests. You can find more information about the way hotel rating is formed here. TopHotels provide a wide variety of options when it comes to communicating with potential guests: you can reply to the guests’ reviews, send private messages to users and answer questions through the “Questions about the hotel” service. In other words, you have all the tools needed to provide complete information about your hotel directly to the ones who are interested in it. The more useful information you provide in the hotel profile, the more potential new guests it will attract. Giving a platform for your guests' opinions as well as information to potential new guests is a perfect combination.
  • Avoiding creating false expectations It's extremely important to not only present your hotel in the best light, but to also keep the picture realistic. Creating false high expectations results in disappointment and negative feedback from the tourists' side. Future guests must be fully aware of what kind of hotel they are going to and what they need to be expecting - a detailed hotel description and an active review platform can greatly assist in achieving it.
  • Increasing the level of trust TopHotels is well-known for its trustworthy review platform. The review system is transparent and unbiased - the only reviews that influence the hotel's rating are the ones that have detailed information about hotel services. All reviews complete moderation, guest can communicate their opinions directly to the guests and, last but not least, authors of reviews that have a good reputation typically gain more views. TopHotels reviews are seen as a reliable source of information ( view more in the “Review reliability” section) and the higher the hotel's rating is, the more potential guests it attracts.


  • The hotel profile is fully editable All registered hotels have an opportunity to update the information about their hotel, to edit the gallery, to update the information about hotel rooms and infrastructure objects, to notify their subscribers about hotel's news and special offers, and much more. Every hotel has its own group of users that are interested in its updates - you can turn them into guests by keeping them updated about hotel's special offers.
  • Loyalty Program If they are used correctly, they can become a great tool for boosting sales. Basically, you offer certain bonuses to the guests for actions that can be beneficial for your hotel's promotion (such as writing detailed reviews, joining the hotel groups etc.) This helps form a loyal audience by keeping the guests that have already visited the hotel as followers, and attracting new potential guests.
  • Advertising campaigns Even though an active hotel profile, open line of communication with tourists and positive reviews can be extremely helpful for hotel promotion, we also offer a wide range of paid advanced options of advertisement that allow you to promote your hotel quickly and greatly expand your media outreach. You can find more information about available options of ad campaigns & promotional activities on TopHotels PRO.
If you want to promote your hotel on TopHotels and tell millions of users about what your hotel can offer,
create your hotelier account and register your hotel on the project.

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